December 12, 2012

TuTu Good

There is really no relevance between this song and this post . . . other than I've been obsessed with it.  I'm a big ole Brit fan.

I'll just say, I'm not entirely pleased with the way these photos came out.  Here I was with my new tulle skirt, all excited to share and just having the worst luck.

It was my fault totally.  I decided that the great place for a photo shoot was the mall.  12 days before Christmas.  Yeah, Ramone.  That'll happen. 

Lo and behold I found a tiny corner by the movie theater, next to the elevator.  Totally incognito.  Then a man came down the escalator.  "What are you takin' pictures of?" 

Remembering to know my role from last time, I informed him I was taking pictures of myself.  He asked if I was a model.  I know he was trying to be nice, but I am always perplexed by this question when I'm asked it.

First of all, having spent way more time with models in the last couple of months than ever before in my life, I know for an absolute certainty that I am not a model.  I do not have the credentials in any form or fashion.  Further, I always find it amusing that if I was a model, why on earth would I be taking my own pictures?

Nonetheless, the guy was trying to be nice.  He told me that I looked like a model and I was beautiful (he was much, much older, so it wasn't in a creepy way).  I thanked him and then he said that I looked like I was getting married (white tulle, it'll get the wedding comment every time).

I told him that I actually had recently gotten married, but that my husband was deployed overseas recently (not because I am looking for attention or pity, but I'm just proud of him and the sacrifices he makes, not to mention I think about it every single day). 

"God bless you," he says.  "God bless you both.  You guys are the real heroes.  Have a Merry Christmas."

Moments later I am taking a photo (which totally made it into the Frannie Pantz Blooper reel--though it will be available for viewing on my Facebook page--because of my ridiculous facial expression) and an older woman walked up to me and told me "I know you are taking your pictures, but I just have to say you look wonderful, fabulous, just gorgeous!"

So even the photos are sub par and do this lovely skirt little to no justice, I'll take sweet compliments from the elderly general population whilest Bing Crosby plays in the mall speakers any ole holiday lunch hour.

Tulle Skirt-Breeze, eBay; Studded Chambray Top-Target; Nude Pumps-Vera Wang; Watch-Patrick's; Earrings-gifted

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  1. Your TUTU Skirt is adorable & beautiful. Very pretty, chic & sexy pumps, too. I love how you dressed down this outfit with a tucked-in Chambray shirt.

    Take Care, Ada. =)


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