December 21, 2012

Long Day


 What you will undoubtedly not notice in these photos is that they are actually from yesterday.  What you may notice in these photos are that 1) it was totally windy this day and 2) I forgot my sunglasses in the parking garage right before I took these.

I really hate taking my photos without the shield of my sunnies because I really do wear them all the time--even in the snow.  And my eyes are so incredibly awkward in photos without my sunnies on.

Anywho, was it just me or did today go by like the slowest day in history?

I don't know if it was because I was secretly on edge due to the whole apocalypse situation (epic fail) or because it was the Friday before a four day weekend that includes Christmas or what.  But shit.  I left work early and it still took forever to get to quittin' time.

But, like I said, I did get to get off work a trite early.  And that meant fitting in a quick nap (I regret to even say it, but I think I'm catching the stomach bug that has been running rampant) after work.

From there we went to my dear friend (RIP) Bob's son's graduation party with the kiddos.  It is the first Christmas and his son's first birthday without his dad.  I miss Bob so tremendously, but I can't imagine the pain his family feels.  

It was a very nice time.  The kids had fun with a ping pong table and Foosball table.  I mingled with Bob's wife and son and other lawyers I knew.  The food was good and the house was just lovely.

And . . . for the second time in like a week . . . I let the kids open a present early.  What can I say?  I suck at keeping surprises.  And I'm impatient.  And the younger kids won't be here Christmas morning.  And this way I get to actually watch them open the gifts.  And it gives them more time to absorb the gifts before just tearing open another one.

Plus, Patrick isn't here to be the logical and level headed one.  So it doesn't take much for the kids to convince me.  In fact, I've been the total instigator.  ;-)

As for tomorrow, there are a few minor Christmas ends to tie up but for the most part, I just plan on kicking back and enjoying the time with the kids.  The rest will surely work itself out.

Between the party and the early gift opening, we're off to a good start.  Not to mention, one of my favorite holiday movies, Miracle on 34th Street (the new one, not the old one.  Sorry.  I know it's cool to like the classics and I do, but I am much more of a modern day movie gal.), was on TV.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

Sweater with Chain Detail-H&M, thrifted; Rose Pleated Skirt with Leather Band-Target; Lace Up Sling Back Booties-Nine West, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Black Peacoat-H&M, thrifted; Striped Beanie-unknown

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