December 25, 2012

As Quickly As It Came . . .


It ended just as quickly.  Christmas is all but over.  I hope you all enjoyed your days in pjs and with loved ones.

Well after days and days of sunny days, we got ourselves a white Christmas.  It started snowing last night around seven.

 Christmas morning is the best time of year for a mother.  Even though I only had Kaden with me this year, I loved watching him open his presents from Santa. 

Although, it is a little different with a twelve year old.  Kaden is at the age where the magic of Christmas (Santa and magic reindeer and elves) are fading.

I woke up at eight thirty to a quiet house.  Unlike his much younger years, Kaden had opted to just let me wake up on my own rather than jumping on my belly at the break of dawn.

But he was pleased with his gifts and even more so since Patrick got to Facetime with us while he opened them.  

 Then he got to go sledding with the neighbors for a little bit.  And he got to wear his new coat.  Which I had bought for him, but forgot to wrap as it had gotten stuffed into the great black hole that is my closet.  Woops.

But it worked out.  And Kaden thanked "Santa" many times.  Wishing the best to you and yours!

 Red Peacoat-Kohl's; Sparkle Leggings-Wal-Mart; Red Bow Flats-K-Mart; Striped Peplum Top-Kohl's; Knit and Leather Gloves-Kohl's; Sequined Beanie-vintage

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