December 17, 2012

Share the Covers--Time After Time

Here is the original by Cyndi Lauper . . .

And the awesome cover by Rob Thomas (yes, I know I just did a Rob Thomas cover a couple of weeks ago.  Sue me.) . . .

 (by the way, I've been experiencing some issues with Mixpod and, more recently YouTube.  So if there is ever not a music video in my post and there is supposed to be, do me a favor and holler at me in the comments)

First of all, guess what I found checking into the Internetz world today?  Remember what I was talking about a couple of weeks ago . . .

Moving on.  You know what I was disclosing to my brother the other night of which he'd never been aware?

First of all, as far as nationality goes, I am pretty much everything under the sun.  French, Irish, German, Norwegian, you name it.  The most predominate from a features standpoint is probably Native American.

However, I always get mistaken for Hispanic.  Not that it offends me at all or anything.  I just find it amusing.

I think it might be the dark skin, hair and eyes, but that is what everyone just automatically assumes I am.  And, to my knowledge, I have no Hispanic in my background whatsoever.

Like when I went to Mexico with my ex several years ago.  They assumed that I was a native, or at least decedent, of Mexico.  When Patrick and I went to Aruba, they assumed I was Latin American.  They would start speaking Spanish to me.

Which is totally fine except that . . . I don't speak Spanish.  And it gets awkward.  Especially when my younger sister does speak Spanish.  And looks like the whitest white girl ever.  What nationality are you?  Do you ever get mistaken for another one?

Polka Dot Skirt-Blossom, gifted by Lynne; Sweater-Kohl's; Boots-Wal-Mart; Socks-Ross; Belt-Kohl's; Necklace-Kohl's; Bracelet-vintage from Grandma

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