August 26, 2011


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You might remember from the last time I wore this dress that it was stolen from gifted to me by my sister.  I am not a thief, but seriously I wear this dress A LOT.  And every time I do, I get compliments on it.  So, it's justified.  Don't worry.  My sister fully supports it transporting to my closet.  Kind of. 

I love the tulle petticoat underneath.  I love the shape.  I love the bright yellow flowers.  And I love how I found a beach near my work to take my pictures at.  A beach.  In Boulder, Colorado.  Crazy, huh?  It's a dive shop actually.  But their front "yard" is full of sand and even has a volleyball net.  Side note-I learned today that Colorado is #1 for scuba divers in the country.  Nutso, no?

Well because this little not so buried treasure is off a busy street in Boulder, I took to the comfort of my ole I-Pod to keep me distracted.  It works like a charm. 

I still have not worn all the shoes from my infamous shoe haul.  These were some of my favorites.  I had never worn them until today, though.  I can't believe they're made by Carlos Santana!  They are so rockin!  But, they did rock the h-e-doublehockeysticks right out my toesies.  Yikes!  Also, they did not like being in the sand.  Not one bit.

I've had a great end to my week, but I am ready for a weekend.  Even though, it is a typical "mom" weekend.  Football games, tutoring parties, cleaning and catching up on things.  BUT I am planning a phenom shopping trip with an old friend.  Cristi, this will be epic.  EPIC.  That is all. 

Dress-gifted (sort of); Cardigan-Mossimo, gifted; Belt-Kohl's; Heels-Carlos Santana; Earrings and Cuff-gifted; Necklace-vintage from Grandma


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