August 30, 2011

Frannie Pantz Fancy Pants

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Ok, so they're not pants.  But I felt so fancy in this dress.  I bought it shopping with Cristi on Sunday.  Half off.  Half off!!!!

Because the dress was a little on the fancy, flirty side, I paired it with my rough 'n tough leather jacket for a nice balance.  No one ever believes I bought this jacket at Wal-Mart.  I think it was something ridiculous like $15.  

I think my nude, strappy wedge sandals were a nice touch.  I would just like to take a moment to reiterate how much I love these things and how comfy they are!

Tell me if this is weird to you.  I'm just gonna run this by you.  So, I've been renting various places since I was 19. That's a decade for those who are counting.  But I have never had this experience with a landlord.  

So every year when I sign my lease, my landlord has to come over and do an inspection.  Like a thorough, white glove, carpet cleaning inspection like the kind they give when you move out of a place.  But we're not moving out.  We're signing a lease.  Is this weird to anyone else?  

So, needless to say, Pat and I spent our weekend cleaning our fannies off.  I mean, like steam cleaning the carpets and cleaning baseboards and stuff.  It's actually kind of nice this time of year because we get a lot of little stuff done to the house that we don't normally set aside time for.

For example, I gave away four boxes of old toys and clothes that my kids no longer play with or fit in.  Those of you with kids understand.  My kids have birthdays and Christmas wherein they get mountains, mountains of toys and stuff.  They get pumped about them, but they get so excited, some of them never even get played with.  There's just too much!  So, we donate a lot around here. 

At some point, I'm gonna have to go through my clothes.  My problem is that I am a clothes hoarder.  I have a problem.  I own so many clothes that there are things in my closet I've worn once.  Once.  And not that I don't like it, it's just that there's so much else to wear.  

Recently, a reader inquired why I always have my sunglasses on in my pictures.  It's because I have really sensitive eyes.  If I am outside, the shades are on.  It does not matter if it is sunny, snowy, rainy or dusk.  She asked for a picture of me without sunglasses.  So, here you go!

I am so stoked for a three day weekend already.  Is it really only Tuesday?  Uuuuuuuuuugh.  Check please!

Dress-Hot Fash, thrifted; Leather Jacket-Wal-Mart; Black Tank-gifted; Sandals-Marshall's; Earrings-Wal-Mart


  1. Loving that leather jacket!! Can't wait to pull mine out again.

  2. I love the details in that jacket!

  3. I love the nude + black color combo!

  4. Thanks Rebecca! It was a struggle. That bad boy came off the second I was done with work/pictures. It was way too darn hot for that!

  5. You got that jacket at Wal-Mart!? I am SO jealous, it fits you like a dream and was a great way to balance out the feminine touches of you're great dress. I love nude and black together it's just a really chic color combo. I'm like you when it come to clothes, I have outfits I've worn only once and some pieces in my closet (I'm ashamed to admit) still have the tags on them. With summer winding down I'll start packing my shorts and dresses away and usually will end up donating a bag (or three) of clothes to Goodwill.

  6. I like the fancy dress with the tough-gal jacket!

  7. Oooh, I can't wait to pull out my leather jackets! I love how you paired it with the flirty, girly dress, it's a nice combination!

  8. LOL thank you for your genuine comment Caitlin. Yeah, I should clean out my closet. And I will . . . eventually. ;-)

  9. I have a dress like this in black. I'm always afraid to wear it because the back is shorter like it is here on you! Haha, I never want to have a wardrobe malfunction. Very pretty color on you!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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