August 24, 2011

Works Cited

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Ladies, I'd like you to turn to page 345 of your InStyle September edition please.  There you will see my inspiration for this outfit. 

It consists of a white long sleeved shirt under a floral dress, bright tights and yellow pumps.  Since I had all of these things a plenty in my closet, I thought I would run with it. 

I was especially pleased that my bright and highly "sartorial" outfit, as John said today, could be paired with a brightly color blocked wall by my mom's work.  Last time I got in trouble for not stopping in to see her when I was taking my photos.  I didn't have time to say hi today either.  Sorry mom!

This is the second day in a row that I have dressed for fall.  It's not so much on purpose.  I don't think anyway.  I love summer.  I love summer so much.  There is much I will miss about summer.  Like driving around with my windows down.  And wearing shorts outside comfortably at 10:00 at night.  Or ice cream on the back porch every night.  

But it's effing hot.  So . . . I'm kinda over it.  But because I'm over it and trying to wear fall clothing, AND it's effing hot.  It makes for a sweaty mess.  Something ain't right. 

Sidenote to other stylish mamas: Do you ever find it awkward when you don't take into account what activities you have planned for after work when you get dressed in the morning?  Picture me.  In this.  Trudging through the football field.  Dropping my son off at football practice.  And playing with the kids in the park. Yeah.  Sunset Middle Schools landscaper-you're welcome.  Consider your football field aerated.  

Dress-gifted; White button up-thrifted; Wine colored tights-Vera Wang for Kohl's; Yellow suede pumps-Style&Co., gifted; Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Bangles-gifted; 


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!Great idea to put a shirt under the dress!!!So stylish and I am so in love with your feminine dress!

  2. I adore this look, especially your shoes - gorgeous :)

  3. Wearing shirts under dresses is one of my favorite layering techniques! I love that you wore bright tights with the yellow shoes too, it adds such a pop of color! I am anxious for fall to get here too! I want flannel, knits, chunky clogs and dare I say it... shearing!

  4. Thank you Caitlin! I can't decide whether I'm ready to let summer go or not, but I am definitely ready to wear layers again!

  5. What a fun and creative outfit! Love all the colors and layering.


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