September 15, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Floral Pencil Skirt

Ah the floral pencil skirt.  Another blogger "must have".  But in actuality, I have had this skirt for about ten months and I have worn it four times.  Honestly, I would wear it more and plan to, so I feel like this purchase is legit.  This skirt is comfy (no zipper pencil skirts are the BEST), fun in color and a real treat to the standard office staple.

I was actually sold on this skirt from another blogger's post (gets me every time).  It was a decent price, about $20, and I've worn it four times for a $5 cost per wear analysis.  I'm gonna chalk that up to a win on this Jennifer Lopez number. 

1, 2, 3, Now

Floral Pencil Skirt-Jennifer Lopez
Sneakers-Keds, thrifted
Bag-Nine West, thrifted

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