September 8, 2016

Mission #90, Day 4--Dallas

I know, I know.  This is the most stereotypical look of them all.  I am well aware that not everyone in Texas is a cowboy hat wearing farmer.  But I could not help it.  I took a sweet little southern girl approach with this look by combining a lacy little dress with ruffly socks and some more rustic pieces such as a denim vest, cowboy boots and an animal print bag.  The cowboy hat I actually got in Mexico over ten years ago.  I've never actually worn it, I'm pretty sure, but I remember being so excited to get it on the beach.  That was fleeting . . .

Also, today is Patrick and I's four year anniversary!  I guarantee you can follow along all mushy-like for sappy posts on my Instagram.

White Lace Dress-thrifed
Denim Vest-thrifted
Cowboy Hat-Mexico
OTK Boot Socks-Target
Cowboy Boots-thrifted
Bracelet and Necklace-J. Crew, gifted

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