September 9, 2016

Mission #90, Day 5--Denver

I couldn't very well poke fun at other city's alleged styles without adding Denver in the mix now could I?  Because according to the rest of the country, we are just a bunch of hillbilly hippies who all smoke pot, live off the land and don't have any electricity (I have seriously heard that people think Denver does not have electricity).  So today I wore some old lady overalls, a sweatshirt for all of the yoga that I don't do, some plaid slides for workin' in the garden that I don't have and posed on a dirt road.  That about covers it right?  Speaking of mass misinterpretations of Denver, enjoy this little jingle getting stuck in your head for the rest of the day . . .

Happy Friday!


Floral Overalls-thrifted
Hooded Sweatshirt Tanktop-Target
Plaid Slides-Target
Bag-Coach, gifted

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