September 5, 2016

Mission #90, Day 1--Major Cities--L.A.

Can we be stereotypical for a week?  Well good.  I'm glad we're all on board.  Because I've long wanted to do a Mission Week inspired by some of the major U.S. cities.  Now, I am going to say that these looks are extremely stereotypical.  Yes, I understand that just because you are from a certain place does not mean that you dress a certain way.  I am just exploring the image that people have in their heads about cities and their sartorial stigma.  

First up, L.A. aka California Cool aka beaches and laid back vibes and boho and music festivals in the desert and all organic lunches in the sunshine on the patio.  Yep, that L.A.  And what better way to capture that casual vibe than with a simple dress, sandals, denim jacket and a big straw tote to carry all of your farmer's market goodies?   #soLA

Floral Dress-gifted
Denim Jacket-Old Navy, thrifted

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