September 22, 2016

Mission #91, Day 4

Gwen is effortlessly cool, but especially when she wears leather pants and geek glasses.  For me, I can't stop wearing this Orange is the New Black referenced shirt.  Poussey is one of my favorites and I won't give away any spoilers, but the last season ended with heartbreak, for sure.  So I bought this shirt mainly because I love Poussey.  However, something I didn't factor into the equation was a) Poussey's name looks a lot like . . . another word and b) this shirt also has an undertone of a political anti-police brutality message.  Now I fully and openly support that message, but all I'm saying is that I wasn't prepared for this shirt to be such the conversation piece.  Ask me if it has stopped me from wearing it.


Grey Cardigan-Boutique in Oregon
Poussey Riot Shirt-Amazon
Leather Pants-Forever 21
Bag-Gucci, thrifted
Earrings-Forever 21

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