January 20, 2016

Mission #75, Day 3

There is literally no way to feel more glamorous, more affluent, more dramatic . . . or more afraid that at any moment you will come face to face with someone who hates you for wearing the equivalent of an entire animal on your body with a bucket of red paint.  I've talked about this several times on the blog but my Grandma was OBSESSED with fur coats.  She had several.  She had them stored in special stores in perfectly controlled temperatures.  She loved her fur coats.  When she died, I got one of them.  And I love that coat because it is the essence of my Grandma.  But I never wear it.  Because I am so afraid of it getting damaged by some freakshow on a bend about real fur.  I get it.  It's cruel to kill an animal for fashion.  I totally agree.  But . . . it was my Grandmother's.  And I loved her.  And hence I love the coat.  It's probably 50 years old.   Does that count for anything?

Apparently Patrick's grandmother felt the same way about furs.  She has a lot of them.  And they somehow made their way to me.  This long fur coat is one of them.  And I am honored to wear it.  Sorry guys.

Fur Coat-vintage
Gold Pencil Skirt-Forever 21
Black Peplum Shirt-Amazon
Black Boots-Walmart

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