January 18, 2016

Mission #75, Day 1--FUR

This week we cover the controversial, the glamorous, the quintessential fabric of fashion--FUR.  Real or faux, vintage or modern, like it or not--it's here people.  And no matter how you wear it, it will make a statement.  So we'll take baby steps and start with the fur that everybody knows and loves--boots with the furrrrrrr.

My daughter actually bought me these boots for Mother's Day several years ago.  And I gotta be honest with you guys . . . they weren't really my style.  I mean, Patrick took her to Wal-Mart (gag, already!) to pick them out and she chose them.  So due to Patrick and Brielle's sweetness, I held on to them for sentimental reasons.  But they sat in the closet for many years.  Then I finally wore them.  And while they still aren't quite my style, they are warm AF.  And have amazing traction for a boot (not something I am used to in footwear . . . all this functionality).  So they stay.  And now for reasons other than sentimental ones.

It's also important to note that contrary to what people think about Colorado, it is harder than you would think to catch pictures of falling snow, so I was pretty stoked about these photos.  I love watching the snow fall.  But I love watching it go away just as much.  

Peacoat-H&M, thrifted
Leopard Print Coat-thrifted
Crossbody Bag-vintage Coach, thrifted
Skinny Gold Belt-thrifted

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