January 4, 2016

Mission #74, Day 1--OLIVIA POPE STYLE

Happy 2016 everyone!  I have been on the blog, but pretty scarce on other social media interactions.  I was enjoying my time with my kids while I took off of work and it was fabulous!  We made as many homemade waffles as humanly possible, played with the new puppy and other new toys and I neglected every to-do that I had planned on my list for my time off that did not include the kids.  Pretty good.

And now we have the first Mission Week of 2016 and this one is Scandalous y'all.  It's Olivia Pope week!  I fell in love with this show last year and totally binged on it on Netflix.  Who doesn't love and envy Olivia Pope--her style, her power, her quick thinking?  

One thing that always comes to mind when I think about Olivia--capes.  Add gloves and a classic purse and you have classic Olivia Pope.


Black Trousers-Target
Tweed Cape-Rue 21
Black Heels-thrifted
Bag-Bebe, gifted

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