January 29, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--Lttcbro Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

As a long time lover of anything punk related, when Lttcbro contacted me about reviewing one of their Steampunk corsets, I was totes on board.  When I received the corset and tried it on, my husband, as he was lacing me up, noted that it looked like something to be worn at a metal concert (which we both love and frequent).  That comment gave me the inspiration for styling this absolutely amazing corset.   Also, today is his birthday!  Happy birthday to my favorite person!  What better day to review lingerie than on your husband's birthday, no?

Happy birthday Patrick!!!  I love you!!!

And a very merry unbirthday to you people because guess what?  You two can win one of these great products as well because Lttcbro is giving away one of EACH of these beauties.  You must follow Lttcbro on Facebook here and you must follow me either on Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin or Pinterest.  Once you follow Lttcbro on Facebook and me on one of the places mentioned above, comment below telling me you have done so.  You may follow me extra places for extra entries, just leave an additional comment.  I will pick a winner on Saturday, February 6, 2016 (MY birthday :-) ) and announce it on Monday, February 8, 2016.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only--sorry!  The first winner selected will receive this corset, the next winner the nude waist cincher and the third winner the black waist cincher.


For some reason, I have been reviewing an inordinate amount of corsets and lingerie lately.  And admittingly I really don't know why I've been contacted to review these and am a little out of my element in doing so because I don't really have a corset friendly body (read: I have the chest of an adolescent per-pubescent boy).  But this corset . . . this corset . . . made me feel like a natural woman (insert song).

The craftsmanship of this corset is out of this world--the leather piping, the amazing clasps in the front, the detailing on the side, the lacing in the back.  It is all spot on.  I love the way that it is constructed.  It went on much easier than any other corsets that I have reviewed.  I did have to enlist in the help of Patrick but really, don't you normally need help in getting corsets just so?  I would think so.  (I certainly have anyway.)  The only thing that I have to say is that the ribbons in the back are a trite long.  But I just tucked them into the side.  Solved.

Lttcbro was kind enough to also send me two waist cinchers to review as well.  The first one is this really pretty nude colored one (I am wearing a nude tank underneath to try to give you the most modest, yet realistic, view of the product.

I loved the detailing and the lace of this waist cincher.  Unfortunately, as waist cinchers go, I have to say that unfortunately (as you can tell), this waist cincher is really . . . lumpy.  Granted I have had four kids, so my body in and of itself is pretty lumpy.  (Homie don't play . . . it is.  Trust.)  So wearing this really small H&M sweater over this waist cincher, you can really see all of the lumps and places where the bodyshaper didn't really . . . shape up.

The second waist cincher, this black one, was simple in nature.  It seemed to be much stretchier.  In complete honesty, I wasn't really as into it at first.  But when I put it on and used it under the really tight sweater, I liked it waaaaaaay better than the pretty nude colored one.  It hugged perfectly, shaped amazingly, and gave a great hourglass shape.  In fact, it was the only waist cincher that was comfortable enough for me to wear for several hours after reviewing it.  (I am still wearing it now.  For real.)

Thank you to Lttcbro for allowing me to review these lovely products!

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