February 19, 2015

Mission #51, Day 4--OTK Boots

Black over the knee (OTK) boots can be considered scandalous (thanks Julia Roberts), but when worn properly, they can add just the right amount of drama.  For example--with this pretty pleated leather midi skirt.  

Granted, this might be cheating just a tad because you can't really see that they are over the knee boots, but I just got this skirt from Fevrie and I really wanted to wear it immediately.  The leather is soft (and faux), the colorblocking is spot on with the cream, maroon and navy and the pleats add a ladylike quality to the leather.

Friends, I have actually worn this within 24 hours of actually wearing it in real life.  This never happens.  Please know--every single outfit on this blog I actually wear and usually wear it all day from work to kid activities and beyond.  But I have a hefty (by choice) backlog that I utilize and sometimes my outfits are posted weeks behind when they were actually worn.

I know that sometimes this annoys people, but I figure that if I actually did wear it (or didn't--who cares???  It can still offer inspiration either way!)--it counts.  But it does feel a little weird to be posting pics of an outfit that I actually did just wear.

Nonetheless, I also wanted to let you guys know that you can go to Fevrie right now and use the discount code franniepantz for 15% off of your order! For perspective, that would make this skirt under $100!  Go check them out!

Colorblock Leather Pleated Midi Skirt-c/o Fevrie; Polka Dot Blouse-thrifted; Black OTK Boots-Amazon; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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