February 5, 2015

Mission #50, Day 4--Bob Marley

Hands down the coolest person that I share my birthday with is musical legend Bob Marley.  I cannot tell you how much I idealize this man, in fact there was serious consideration of the name Marley had Reilly been a girl.   One day I will go down to Jamaica on my birthday as it is a National holiday in honor of Bob Marley. 

 So the big news around my house lately is that Conner has his first little girlfriend.  By that, of course, I mean that a girl asked him out via a note passing situation and status-wise they are a couple--not that they actually go anywhere or do anything together.
 Conner has never experienced any interest in girls--very much unlike his older brother Kaden who has always had an interest in girls.  While I am not surprised that someone as cute and smart and sweet as Conner caught someone's eye, I was surprised at how excited he was about it.
 I have literally heard the story over a dozen times now.  I know what the note said, how they both reacted and how everyone else in his class took the news.  He has been grinning ear to ear and I cannot tell you how giddy he has been.  He even straight gave his sister $10 to go see a movie!

Walking home from school the other day was so entertaining.  He and the neighbor boy walked arm in arm about ten feet in front of me, Brielle and Reilly.  They plotted how to get his friend Logan a girlfriend too.  They discussed who Logan would ask out and how so that they could both have girlfriends.

 I totally remember my first "boyfriend" in seventh grade.  I was so stoked that someone asked me out that I said yes.  Even though I had never talked to this boy before.  And I was so shy that I never talked to him the entire two weeks that we went out.  And to this day I have never talked to that boy.  But I felt cool.  #sorrynick
Crocheted Duster Cardigan-Forever 21; Grey Tee-Target; Paisley Pallazzo Pants-Target; Suede Wedges-Target; Elephant Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-gifted; Sunglasses-Target; Bangles-gifted

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