February 4, 2015

Mission #50, Day 3--Tom Brokaw and Ronald Reagan

I also share my birthday with news reporter Tom Brokaw and former president Ronald Reagan.  For this look, it was professional all the way.  That calls for a shirtdress, a blazer and oxfords--obvi.

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So when I am not running around like a maniac for my kids, I decided that I would tackle the monumental task of organizing my Pinterest style board.  It currently has about 38,000 Pins in it that I am trying to categorize into actual manageable boards.

Why did I start this?  I don't know.  I was getting annoyed with allllll of my style inspiration Pins in one place--making it impossible to find certain Pins when I needed them.  Also, I may or may not be a total OCD freak.

But I'm already annoyed with it.  And it is taking forever.  I've been working on it a week and only knocked out about 4,000 Pins.  So if you are following my She Got Style board, get ready.  In a year when I get it all organized, she's gonna look a lot different.


Shirtdress-Forever 21, thrifted; Cropped Plaid Blazer-Kohl's; Grey Tights-Target; Platform Oxfords-Target; Watch-gifted; Glasses-Bebe

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