February 18, 2015

Mission #51, Day 3--Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are something that I never thought I would be into because I didn't want to fit into the stigma that all people from Colorado are cowboys.  I mean, I once heard someone from the east coast accuse us of not having electricity out here.  (We do.)

But luckily, cowboy boots have made a chic comeback and when paired with a dress they are a classic piece.  I added mine to this dress that a client brought back for me from Ghana a few years ago and this Old Navy vest that damn near pays me to wear it at this point.

For accessories I piled on a bunch of bangles, oversized earrings from my mother in law (not as heavy as they look but they don't last when I get home and have to hold a curious nine month old) and an old beaded necklace that was my grandmothers.

And photo location wise, I used this old corral looking parking lot by a walking trail because it looks western.  Duh.

Cowboy Boots-vintage; Socks-Ross; Military Vest-Old Navy; Dress-gifted from Ghana; Bangles-Kohls; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted

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