February 13, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--Appreciation

So this week wraps up the first week of my weekly resolutions (I really gotta work on a better name for these--please help).  As one person stated in my post, I do brag about Patrick a lot--on here and in real life--so it's not that I don't appreciate him at all.  But I did notice that when I started creating my running list through the week of specific instances that I appreciated from him, it really made me realize just how much I am grateful for him.  I am not going to share all of them with you, but here are some of my favorites--

1.  Getting up with Reilly.  There was a couple of nights this week where Reilly didn't sleep for anything and I was so very tired.  One morning, though, Patrick got up with Reilly at 6 and took care of him--letting me sleep for another hour!  It doesn't seem like much but when that extra hour is about 1/5 of the sleep you've been getting per night, it makes a huge difference.  And I know firsthand how difficult it is to try to shower and get ready for work with Reilly (who was really complacent but is currently going through a separation anxiety stage) climbing up your leg or on your hip.

 2.  My brother.  I've mentioned on here before, but my brother has been staying with us since last July.  Because my brother has been experiencing seizures on the reg, he is not legally allowed to drive until he is seizure free for three months.  Every morning Patrick gives my brother a ride to work, picking up a co-worker of my brother's on the way.  He goes in early and comes home late just to give my brother a ride.  He has gone above and beyond for my brother in so many ways.  In fact, and I can tell you this secret because my brother doesn't read this blog, have a Facebook or social media account AT ALL, but all the rent money my brother has paid to us has gone into a savings account that Patrick is going to give to my brother when he finds his own place. 

 3.  Sex and the City . . . and other movies I guess.  Patrick is a technological genius.  He has our Apple TV right now set up with all of our DVDs available at the push of a button.  We don't have to worry about lost or scratched discs and we can borrow DVDs from family and put them on our network too.  Recently he undertook the massive job of putting all of my SATC episodes on there so I can literally watch them episode after episode in succession without having to change out discs.  Perfection.  Now I just need free kid-free time to watch them . . .

4.  Monday night.  On Monday night I had a dinner date with my bestie Matty.  Not only did Patrick watch the kids so I could go in the first place (it was an important dinner date), but when I got home, the kids were fed, showered and in bed.  The dining room table had been wiped off and the floor had been swept.  The dishes were done and all I had to do was relax.

I think this is a great exercise for any couple.  It is so important not only to be appreciative of your partner, but also to communicate that appreciation to them.   Weekly Resolution #1 = success!!!  (Good Lord, please help me come up with a better name!)

Gold Metallic Pencil Skirt-Forever 21; Red Plaid Button Down-thrifted; White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Nine West Booties-gifted; Nameplate Necklace-gifted as a baby; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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