January 1, 2015

Mission #48, Day 4

Apparently, I really like wearing this fedora with all white outfits.  This is the second look this week with it.  But I'm ok with it because it works.  This look shows one easy way to do winter whites: white skirt, white sweater.  Done.

Well, it's a new year.  Feel different?  Motivated?  Hopeful?  That's good.  I never really feel different in the new year.  Maybe that's because I'm not big on resolutions.  I tried to for the blog a few years ago, but really I find them unrealistic and confining.

But I do have hopes.  I hope that my family continues to be healthy.  I hope that they stay safe.  I hope that I can get into some real mediations.  I hope that Patrick and I can finish the bathroom remodel.  Things like that--all over the spectrum.

But having some goals is always a good thing.  Looking toward bettering yourself is always a good thing.  So I hope you all are enjoying your first day of that hope.

This year I am going for the simplicity of enjoying life.  Being pregnant for half the year and then giving birth to a healthy baby made me so grateful for everything I was blessed with and everything I have.  It really is something you should never take for granted.  So if that can continue into this year--sounds good to me.

White Skirt-gifted; White Hooded Sweater-thrifted; Low Studded Booties-Charlotte Russe; Fedora-Target; Earrings-gifted; Mirrored Aviators-Target

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