January 13, 2015

Mission #49, Day 2

This look was pretty dead on--if I do say so myself.  This is Carrie's "I just got out of bed and ran out the door to help a friend in need" look.  Because, really, only Carrie Bradshaw can roll out of bed and out the door in heels, a sequined beanie and pearls and have no one think anything weird about it.

Ms. Bradshaw donned this look on New Year's Eve and guess what?  This is what I wore on New Year's Eve.  And Danielle, the associate attorney in my office, knew immediately who I was dressed as.  Boom.

I would say that in real life, this look doesn't work.  But I did wear this in real life.  And it did work.  It was really comfy and felt so much fun to wear.  I'm not sure how I feel on vintage fur.  I definitely don't like the thought of animals being slaughtered for their fur.  But this one is vintage--Patrick's great grandmother's to be exact--and therefore I don't think it's as bad.

I definitely wouldn't buy a fur myself.  But I have several that have been handed down to me.  I never wear them.  A big part of this is the (possibly irrational) fear of walking down the street and being dowsed in red paint by someone.

And yes, I wore heels.  In the snow.  But I had to.  There was not a way around it in the spirit of Carrie-authenticity.  And it was cold and slick as a mofo.  But it's all in the name of fashion.  You understand.

Fur Coat-vintage; Paisley Palazzo Pants-Target; Sequined Tank-thrifted; Silver Heels-Shoe Carnival; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's; Sequined Beanie-vintage; Gloves-vintage

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