January 9, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--Closet Organization

I love my house very much and I hope that we never move.  But . . . it's not that it's small per se, but it's shared with seven people currently (me, Patrick, our four kids and my brother who is staying with us).  And so space is limited.

And, as you might have guessed just by the pure fact that I have a style blog, I have a lot of clothes.  Like a real lot of clothes.  And it takes some serious organization to get it all into our bedroom/closet so that it doesn't look cluttered and crazy.

Another plus to having an organized closet?  Location, location, location.  It makes it easier to find things that you are looking for.  I'm a total Type A person and so I can always organize things in such a way that five years from now, I will probably know where that polka dot scarf is.

We just got done with the holidays and if you're like me, you got a lot of clothes.  And you might be wondering--holy hell where am I going to put all of this stuff?  Or maybe one of your New Year's resolutions was to be more organized and/or tackle that dreaded closet.

My bedroom is my favorite room in the house.  It is one of the only rooms in the house that's pretty well "figured out" and looks nice and I love just hanging out in there.  So without further adieu, here are some ways that I keep my closet organized.  Hope these tips will help you too!

Wine Colored Jeggings-Walmart; Hot Pink Striped Oxford-Kohl's; Suede Blazer-Wet Seal, thrifted; Nude Colored Heels-thrifted and gifted; Starfish Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals  

OMG Shoes

Have you ever seen that Pin on Pinterest with the crown molding as shoe holders?  Well I did and told Patrick about it and he promptly installed them for me when we moved into this house.  They work really well for storage and (bonus!) it adds some visual entertainment to the room also.  Look at all of those pretty colors!  A word to the wise, though, make sure you use very strong screws and an adequate amount when you install these.  If you don't, your shoes will rain down on you.  I will not divulge if I know this from experience, rumor or common sense.*

*It's experience 

Inside of my closet, I have some wire shelves that I use for my sandals and flats.  It can hold a lot and is not damaging to the shoes.  Probably not best for heels, however.

 And, yes, I also have one of those shoe trees.  What can I say?  I own a lot of shoes.  While I would never store expensive shoes here (like I own any of those), this rack really does help to store a lot of shoes in a way that is not damaging to them.  Not ideal, but it works.


Some coat hangers work great as bag hooks for my bag collection (most of which goes unused BTW because I am too lazy to change out my bag . . .).  


I also have coat hangers for my scarves, which are hidden behind my coat rack (pictured below) for storage during the warmer months.  But who are we bloggers kidding?  We will wear scarves year-round.

And I have hooks inside of my closet door for the smaller, silky scarves.


I have belt hangers inside of my closet door for all of my belts and a nail inside of my closet for the skinny ones that don't fit over these honker hangers.  A girl can never have too many belts amiright?

Jeans, Tights and Leggings

I store my jeans, tights and leggings in small bins under our bed.  They are rolled up nicely for easy access when I need them, but these bins make for a lot more room and a lot more organization since these things don't need hung up.

Coats and Jackets

Patrick got me one of those really nice rolling coat racks for my coats.  I live in Colorado, so I don't store "winter" or "cold weather" items--you never know when you will need them here!  As you can see, they are organized by color (and also material . . .).

All the Cloooooothes

This.  Is the inside of my closet.  The photo may look a trite crazy, but trust that everything has a place and it really (in person) seems a lot less disheveled.  All of my clothes are organized by type (vests, sweaters, dresses, blazers, cardigans) and then also by color.

Lots of rods and shelving inside of my closet makes for a lot of storage options for things that I fold--like trousers, colored denim and jumpsuits.

And you can get these "floating cubbies" from Target for pretty cheap--I think about $20.  They are really handy for adding shelving to your closet if you need more or don't have any.  In these I fold and store my skirts--of course cataloged by color and type (pencil skirts, tulle, maxi skirts, etc.)

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