December 2, 2014

Share the Covers--Best I Ever Had

YouTube is acting funky so I hope that both of these videos show up.  And I'm not sure which is the cover and which is the original, but here is a version by Gary Allan . . .

And an acoustic version by Vertical Horizon . . .

Kaden, my oldest, has always been somewhat of a ladie's man.  This is both concerning but also amusing.  He has been trained to be very respectful of women of all ages, but still I worry.  You know.  I was a teen mom . . . I just want him to be careful.

But the other day, he had an after school special moment.  He went to the ice skating rink with some of his buddies.  He bumped into a girl he went to elementary school with when she fell and hurt her ankle.

Having recently twisted his ankle at a birthday party, he knew just how to tend to it and wrap it up.  And he did so with a scarf or something to that effect.  Of course, one thing led to another and they ended up "going out"--which for 14 year olds means it's a Facebook status thing.

Well as with many other 14 year old relationships, it ended after a few days.  But Kaden has grown a new appreciation for ice skating.  And by that I mean he has been there three times in two weeks.  #lordhelpme

Black Pencil Skirt-Old Navy (maternity); Dane Cook Tee-from show; Black Tennies-Target; Earrings-gifted; Plaid Baseball Cap-Target; Bracelets-Kohl's

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