December 1, 2014

Make it Work Monday #2

 For today's inspiration, I used a lot of the same elements of the look--the meshed sweater, the long blue skirt, the brown booties and the big hippie belt--to try to recreate a similar look.  It maintained the boho vibe of the original look so I was satisfied.

 So, I'm back to blogging after taking last week off.  I think it's always a little awkward to come back after a break.  I was contemplating a taking a break from blogging, but after the week I had, I was really glad that I made the decision to not blog last week.

For one, it was Thanksgiving (obvi) so I wanted to really focus on that and spending my time off of work with my kiddos.  But I also ended up getting really sick (still fighting that off) to the point that I even lost my voice!  I ended up, at the advice of Patrick, taking the week off of working out as well--which felt really weird after doing it so religiously.  But it was nice to get that extra hour of sleep.

In addition to that, I got some horrific, devastating and heart-breaking news on Tuesday night that I was glad to have the week off to reflect on.   Needless to say, come Thanksgiving I had a lot of blessings to count.  And even though it was nice to have a break and I see another one in the very near future, I am glad to come back to the routine of blogging.

 Blue Maxi Dress-Kohl's; Mesh Sweater-thrifted; Studded Booties-Forever 21; Beaded Belt-vintage and gifted; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted

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