December 19, 2014

Dear Frannie Friday--Favorite Restaurants and

Recently I was contacted by to give my recommendations for the best restaurants.  It didn't have to be local so I added the amazing, unforgettable place that Patrick and I ate at on our honeymoon in Aruba, Barefoot, but I do have my top local restaurants for you today if you are ever in the northern/metro Colorado area.  They are, in no particular order:

1.  Aunt Alice's.  Location: Longmont, Colorado.  No website, but here's the menu.

Aunt Alice's is the best home cooked comfort food in all the world, in my opinion.  They offer amazing breakfast all day long (Eggs Benedict are my favorite there) and their pancakes are to die for.  They have great lunch and dinner options as well and even have a burrito special (I believe it is called the Big Daddy and I think it is a three pound burrito) where if you eat it all in an hour, you get it for free.  And the pies--oh the pies--so.  good.

2.  Illegal Pete's.   Location: Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado

Illegal Pete's is a burrito joint that uses only all natural ingredients.  The food is absolutely killer and the atmosphere is really laid back.  It is the perfect lunch spot to grab a quick bite.

3.  Raising Cane's.  Fort Collins, Colorado

This is just a simple chicken place--there is about four things on the menu.  But it is ALL delicious.  The chicken, the coleslaw, the fries and the garlic bread can't be beat.  But the main attraction is the sauce!  I don't know what they make it with but it is addictive!  I even had to go there twice during my pregnancy (a 45 minute drive without traffic) just to get jars of the stuff.  The best!

4.  The Buddha.  Boulder, Colorado

This is hands down the best Thai food I have ever had and the prices are really reasonable.  I have been served by the same waiter for five years now and I am never disappointed when I go.  Just be sure to go with an empty stomach!  You will get full and have extra for dinner!

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