December 10, 2014

Mission #47, Day 3--Trench Coat

Ok, so a classic trench is more of a spring outerwear staple, but it is an outerwear staple nonetheless.  And as such, it simply must be featured in this week's Mission Week series.  This trench is special too.  It is one of the only full priced designer items I ever invested in.

There are few items of clothing that are actual investments, but outerwear definitely falls in that category.  It must be tough enough to stand up to the elements, it must keep you warm and, of course, it must be cute (#duh).  

The other item of clothing that is worth an investment is footwear.  Yeah, I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of cheap pairs of shoes.  And yes, they do get put in rotation now and again.  But having quality shoes that hold up to all I put them through and still look good and are comfortable?  Bonus!  Enter these boots.  Also paid full price for them after stalking them for a fair amount of time at Kohl's.

You know what trench coats remind me of?  My grandma.  She had a trench coat.  And when I would go to visit her, I would wear it out and pretend I was a detective.  I had a magnifying glass (is that some top technology or what?), a notepad and sunglasses.  And I would go out and find clues.

There might have been a shortage of sleuthing in Wheatland, Wyoming, but let me tell you--if there was a crime a brewin', I was ready.  

Classic Trench-DKNY; Watercolor Skirt-gifted by Lynne; Leopard Print Sheer Blouse-Forever 21; Grey Knee High Ruffle Boots-Kohl's; Bag-vintage; Earrings-gifted

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