December 12, 2014

Mission #47, Day 5--Cargo Jacket

I can't tell you how many times I go to grab my cargo jacket when I'm running out the door.  And while it is not the most practical for winter cold, it layers quite nicely.  For that reason, it is deserving of a spot in Mission Week.

Because it's Friday (yay!  finally!  and eek!  We're one weekend closer to Christmas!) and my brain has been completely fried with Christmas stuff, work stuff, family stuff and all that goes with that--I have something really fun for you today!

Have you guys ever heard of The Marshmallow Test?  It's a psychology test wherein a bunch of kids are given one marshmallow.  Then they are left for 15 minutes and promised that if the marshmallow is still there when the person returns, they will get a second marshmallow.  Some kids could abstain from eating the marshmallow for the reward of an additional marshmallow.  And some kids . . .  

Cargo Jacket-Lucky, thrifted; Light Purple Cardigan-gifted; Black and White Pencil Skirt-Target; Ruffle Knee High Boots-Kohl's; Mint Scarf-Kohl's; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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