November 17, 2014

Mission #46, Day 1--TRAVEL ESSENTIALS!!!--Leggings

This weekend, our holidays started.  We went down to my mom's for Thanksgiving.  She will be traveling in Europe during the real Thanksgiving.  So we made the trek down to her neck of the woods for a lovely mean.  And that means we are also getting into "I'm going to be traveling" season.  Which also means "I'll be busy" wear and "I need to be comfortable" wear.  

What is more comfortable than leggings?  Nothing.  And they are vast in variety and can be stylish as well.  Not to mention, they're elastic waist.  Which correlates nicely with "I'm about to stuff my face" season.

You know what else happened this weekend?  My baby turned 14.  My baby.  14.  That means that 14 years ago, my life changed forever and I became a mother.  And I learned what it means to really love someone more than you love yourself.  

Holidays.  Birthdays.  Both call for comfy leggings.  The fact that they are pleather, is just a bonus.

Pleather Leggings-Kohl's; Black Button Down Shirt-thrifted (maternity); Fur Vest-Marshall's; Combat Boot-L.E.I.; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-Kohl's

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