November 18, 2014

Mission #46, Day 2--Flats

Whether you're traveling in a car on a road trip or by air in a plane, flats are where it's at when it comes to travel.  If you're in a car, you can flip them off and relax.  If you're on a plane, it's easier in security.  Win win.  Not to mention the various shuffles that are involved in traveling.

You may have seen, if you follow along on Instagram, that somehow within a 24 hour period, our family lost three iPhones.  Kaden's fell as he tripped on the charging cord.  Conner's got sat on by Kaden.  And mine fell as I pulled it out of my pocket.
That phone of mine has slid out of my pocket while on more than one bike ride and slid down the street without a mark.  I took it out of my pocket to check the time, it fell a foot and a half to our hard wood floor.  Done.

And now it's the holidays.  And we just passed Kaden's birthday.  So there is no possibility of getting a new one for at least a couple of months.  

But it's fine.  I'm taking it as a sign from the universe that my spoiled ass doesn't need to rely on an iPhone.  And it still works--it's just hard to read the screen.  So I'm gonna just suck it up.  But isn't it interesting to ponder--I'd chose a jacked up, cracked beyond repair iPhone to a new, cheap flip phone.  Priorities.

Camel Skinnies-Jordache; Orange Blouse-Charming Charlie's, thrifted; Cognac Bomber Jacket-Target; Leopard Print Flats-Payless; Earrings-gifted

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