November 5, 2014

Mission #45, Day 3--Shirts

 Another fool-proof way to layer in the fall?  Just layer your shirts!  Easy, comfy and looks intentionally chic.  Vest on top of open button down on top of t-shirt.  Done and done.

My sister is taking some night classes to finish up her degree so she can be a teacher and she needed some help watching her three daughters last night.  Ironically, Patrick had a dinner thing for work.  So that meant that I would be watching my three younger kids and my nieces.

Six kids.  One adult.  Two of the kids, mind you, are infants under one year old.  One of which (my niece) has severe attachment issues with my sister and usually cries when my sister is not around.  Not to mention my oldest niece is still in a body cast from her surgery.  To say I was nervous would be a total understatement.

But guess what I forgot?  I forgot how amazing my kids are.  I forgot that Conner has the biggest heart on the planet and was catering to Anya (my oldest niece) and her every need.  He sat with her during dinner so she wasn't eating alone.  He made her pictures.  He lent her his treasured iPhone to play on.  My daughter and middle niece were good as gold.  They spent their time painting pictures, cleaned up all of their messes and were perfect.  My youngest niece?   Not a peep other than when she accidentally crawled into a chair.  And my oldest niece is such a trooper.  I really wish I had her bravery, determination, patience and never-ending optimism.

 Kids.  They teach you something every single day.

Camel Skinny Jeans-Jordache; Grey Tee-Target; Red Plaid Button Down-thrifted; Denim Vest-DIY and thrifted; Black Tennies-Target; Cuff-H&M; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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