January 2, 2017

Zaful Review

Zaful and two other affiliate websites generously offered me several pieces from their websites for review over the holidays.  This week, I will be reviewing each of the websites and their pieces.  You guys--I am so excited to share these pieces and photos with you.  First up, is Zaful itself.

I am a HUGE fan of the backless look.  It is very understated and sexy.  This backless jumper is what dreams are made of.  It is a sturdy linen fabric, which makes it a lovely look for spring or summer, but as you can see here, it can also be dressed up in winter whites for a wedding or other formal affair.  I was also extremely excited that the jumpsuit was not see-through. 

To glam this piece up, I added a lush burgundy fur and a sweet metallic heel.  A bold red lip and dramatic pearl necklace helped to complete the look.

This jumpsuit on Zaful is under $25--which of course is a bargain.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this jumpsuit as it honestly doesn't look as sturdy online.  This was my "test piece" because I was not sure if the fabric would stand up to the test of see-through-ness and I was also a little nervous about the way it would look and fit.  Being small-chested, I always get nervous about pieces where I can't wear a bra because bras are actually what give me shape.  In this case, I think the backless piece more than makes up for my lack of, um, front shape.

One thing I will say about this piece is that it was one of the last to arrive (more on that later).  I sent the original request to Zaful toward the end of November.  Zaful had reached out to me to review items for Christmas, but I did not receive the pieces in time for that.  That gives this piece a nearly 5-6 week shipment time.  Granted, this is shipped internationally, so although price-wise and quality-wise I was impressed, shipment time was extremely long and disappointing.  I was not one to complain, especially since I was not paying for these items and was graciously accepting them for review instead.  However, if I had just stumbled upon this item and was anxiously awaiting its arrival, I would be a bit disappointed.

All in all, I give this piece/experience 3 out of 5 stars.  The quality and price are top notch, but the wait was very long. 

Jumpsuit- Zaful, c/o
Fur Stole- thrifted
Gold Heels-thrifted

The second piece for review from Zaful was this gorgeous navy velvet pleated skirt.  I was again extremely impressed with the quality.  This skirt is heavy, the way that velvet should be.  The color is rich and the swing factor is top notch--very important.   I loved that the pleats were sharp, but not stiff. 

Originally, I was going to style this for Christmas with a gold blouse and red heels.  However, I decided to go for a more casual juxtaposition with my Beyonce graphic tee and a bomber jacket.  Originally, I paired this look with my Adidas, but something just didn't look right, so I traded them in for the heels.  Boom.

This skirt came in much sooner than the jumpsuit, but it still took 2-3 weeks from the order.  That wasn't too bad, but still longer than typical online orders.  The price of this skirt is $25.  So I give this item and experience a 4 out of 5 stars.

For more from Zaful, I would highly recommend checking them out on their website, Facebook or follow them on Pinterest!

Navy Pleated Skirt- Zaful, c/o
Graphic Tee- Amazon
Metallic Bomber- Forever 21
White Heels- Charlotte Russe

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