January 20, 2017

Dear Frannie Friday--Monthly Subscriptions

I'm not making any resolutions because I suck at them.  But one thing I want to be better about this year is clothing purchases.  I want to tone it way down.  If I have learned anything from blogging it is that I can figure out a million ways to wear one item.  But I have also learned from following other bloggers is that there are a million pieces that I "need" to complete my wardrobe.  So I am trying to buy less clothing and use what I have.  Instead, I am going to focus more on household items as we start to finally be able to make some progress on our house goals.  So instead, I have been satisfying my purchases through monthly subscriptions.

One of the monthly subscriptions I have been most pleased with is Bootay Bag.  I first found out about Bootay Bag at a Denver Style Magazine event and I believe them to be Colorado local, or at a minimum a woman-founded small business.  Bootay Bag will send you two new panties per month at $12/month.  You are able to choose thong or never thong and the panties are so cute you guys.  I am horrible at necessity purchases, so this really helps keep my panty game on lock.  Plus, they give $1 from each monthly purchase to Melanoma research.  Win win!

The other monthly subscription I enrolled in and have been very pleased with has been Sol Theory.  For $20/month, I get sent a pair of sunglasses and one accessory.  I have been most pleased with each of my products and I am three months in.  For example, the sunglasses I was wearing in my post yesterday--Sol Theory.  The choker in Tuesday's post--Sol Theory.  Anyone who knows me or has even followed my blog for 5 seconds knows I am a major sunglasses whore--I wear them in every post and truly wear them everyday in real life.  I have incredibly sensitive eyes to sunlight.

Of course, I don't just have subscriptions to clothing places.  I've been a member of Door to Door Organics for several years now.  Door to Door Organics delivers a box of your choosing (extra small, small, medium or large) full of your choice of fruits, veggies or both either weekly or bi-weekly (also your choice).  I get a small box every other week for my family of 6 and there is so much in there!  The cost is $36, which is amazing for local, fresh produce.  You can chose what fruits and veggies come in your box and you can even order several other local/organic items such as deli meats, eggs, snacks and much more!

Jumpsuit-Forever 21
Cape Blazer-Amazon
Heels-Charlotte Russe 
Necklace-Charming Charlies
Earrings-Forever 21

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