January 30, 2017

Make it Work Monday #57

This week's inspiration for Make it Work Monday comes from a blogger who has become a real-social-media-life friend, Beth of Life with Bethie the Boo.  Beth and I have exchanged pleasantries via our blogs and social media for several years and even more so when she gave birth to her son Oliver ("Ollie") just a few months prior to Reilly's birth.  It has been great to see our little guys grow up beside each other.  She runs a lifestyle blog featuring style, her love of running, food and, of course, little Ollie!  Be sure to check her blog out for sure!

 (normally this Stylebook entry is filled out better but I changed the boots and jacket last minute and forgot to add them to the inspiration--doh!)
For those that missed it on Instagram back at Christmas time, my mom made me this jacket.  That's right.  She made me this jacket.  She bought the actual jacket in Italy when she was there with my step-dad.  Then, she added all of these little blingy items.  They are from my grandmother's sewing kit.  As if that was not enough to stop my beating heart, she sewed bits of my grandfather's shirt to the cuffs.  Love.  My cousin also made the necklace. 

Dress-Old Navy
Jacket-DIY and gifted
Necklace-DIY and gifted

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