January 6, 2017

Gamiss Review

I saved Gamiss for last.  Truly, these were my favorite overall pieces.  I very much loved them, but what I was very disappointed with was the fact that there was supposed to be a third item that I have yet to receive.  It has been 5-6 weeks since the item was requested and it has not arrived.   now trust me, I am not one to be ungrateful for free items.  I very much appreciate the opportunity to review products, but if I was ordering and paying for items that took more than two months to ship, I would not be a happy camper. 

Aside from that, I am in love with the pieces that did arrive.  First up are these skinny, distressed overalls.  My friend/photographer kept commenting on how great my butt looked in them.  I don't know about that (there's a lot of lovin back there), but I do know that they are comfortable and feel great!  I love the distressed knees and the way that the back look like suspenders rather than the traditional criss-cross of overalls.  As with the other trousers, if you order these SIZE UP.  I ordered a medium and upon receipt, I was not sure if they would actually fit because they looked TINY.  But they did fit!

I played up the look with mis-matching patterns in plaid and stripes and adding fun accessories like this veiled beanie and my favorite Adidas.  These sunglasses were part of a package from Sol Theory, which I will discuss in a future post and how much I LOVE them.

These overalls cost $19 guys.  Totally a worthwhile purchase.  These overalls were a little slower to arrive as well--coming to my door about 5 weeks after ordering them.  That is quite a long time after ordering and to be honest, if I was ordering them just on my own, I would be mildly disappointed in the timeframe.

Black Distressed Overalls- Gamiss, c/o
Black and White Striped Shirt-Target
Plaid Sheer Button Down Shirt-Forever 21
Veiled Beanie-Forever 21
Shoes-Adidas Superstars 

This dress you guys.  LOVE.  It is perfectly soft and thick.  The hood is amazing and I LOVE the pocket in the front.  The dress is also the perfect length.  I often find that with sweatshirt or sweater dresses, they are so short for some reason.  This one is perfect length and I could and have worn it to work.  I also often get really self-conscious about sweatshirt dresses because they tend to be very tight.  I got this dress in a medium and I usually wear a small or medium.  I recommend sizing up for sure just for comfort's sake.

Also, you guys.  This dress is $14.  I mean, FOUR.  TEEN.  DOLLARS.  It is soooo worth it.  Also, for shipment this dress came with the overalls about 5 weeks after request.  A long wait for both items, but I would definitely say for the price and quality--they are worth the wait.  The bad thing about that is because this site seems to sell trendy items on the cheap, they may not be as "hot" by the time you receive them.  But if you are like me and don't GAF about trends or what's hot right now, but still like some of the trends that come around, this is site is for you.

Hooded Sweatshirt Dress- Gamiss, c/o
Burgundy OTK Boots- Charlotte Russe

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