November 10, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Trench Vest

The first time I saw another blogger sport a sleeveless trench vest I was super intrigued and inspired.  But I didn't jump on the train right away because it was "expensive" (like $40!), so I waited and I waited too long and then they disappeared . . . from everywhere!  I was forlorn, distraught and downtrodden.   So imagine my happy little heart when I randomly stumbled upon one on the Charlotte Russe website! 

This was one of those times and items where I ended up paying full-price.  That is usually an indication that I really like/want an item.  Even still, it had lowered in price from when I first saw a sleeveless trench vest from $40 to $30.  I throw this baby on any chance I get IRL, but have also worn it on the blog 9 times for a price per wear of about $3.  SOOOOO worth it.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom Left to Right- 1, 2, Now, 4, 5 

Striped Crop Top-Forever 21
Sleeveless Trench Vest-Charlotte Russe
Bag-Bebe, gifted
Earrings-Charming Charlies

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