November 2, 2016

Mission #94, Day 3

And speaking of youthful looks--this look is totally that.  Floral skinnies--check!  Wedge sneakers--check!  Fun backpack--check!  Graphic tee--check!  Just missing the skateboard, which I long left in my youth.  I was part of the "skater/punk rocker" crew in high school.  Part of the prerequisite was to be able to skateboard.  Since I have less coordination than a newly walking infant, I mostly just carried one around.  But I did look cool.  Don't you worry about that.


Floral Skinny Jeans-Kohls
Sons of Anarchy Tee-Amazon
Wedge Sneakers-Kohls
Studded Backpack-JollyChic, c/o
Watch-vintage from Grandma
Earrings-Charming Charlies

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