November 3, 2016

Mission #94, Day 4

Of course, Zendaya does more than just youthful and casual.  In fact, Zendaya can really knock your socks off with glamour, as with the look below.  I was happy to take a step away from those younger looks and step into something a little more my age and tempo.  Plus, I was able to incorporate my new bag!  My boss got me an honest to goodness Kate Spade bag to celebrate my first year as her paralegal.  I have to say, not only was it obviously a very kind gesture, but this woman has shown more appreciation for me and really everyone in the office than anyone I have ever known.  She is always the first with a card for any occasion--condolences, congratulations, birthdays and anniversaries.   I just really love my job and where I work.  But the bag perks are a definite plus.  I might just have to stick around.  ;-)


Light Pink Dress-thrifted
Duster Trench-Escada, thrifted
Nude Heels-Vera Wang
Bag-Kate Spade, gifted
Earrings-Forever 21

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