November 25, 2015

Mission #71, Day 3

My Grandma got me these jeans waaaaaaaay back in high school.  At first glance, I wasn't a fan.  But I kept them because I love my Grandma.  Fast forward several years later when my sister and I went to the house of some guy I worked with.  He was a big hippie (like literally 6'4") and so we decided to dress the part.  These jeans and a peasant top ended up in my outfit and my sister wore a similar outfit.  We walked into a house with about 30-35 unwashed, dirty clothed, dreadlocked tried and true H-I-P-P-I-E-S.  We were totally overdressed.  Luckily, these jeans work great for Western Wear week.

Fringed Flared Jeans-really old
Beige Oversized Knit Sweater-Old Navy
Cognac Purse-Target
Corduroy and Faux Fur Jacket-thrifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted

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