December 13, 2016

Share the Covers--All I Want for Christmas

You guys.  In two weeks, Christmas will be over.  I have never been more panicked for the holiday season in my LIFE.  On top of being the busiest I have ever been (my sister graduated from a university on Saturday, my niece had a birthday on Saturday, I was in trial for work for two days last week . . . .), but long story short, we had to do a bunch of last minute renovations to our house which not only made Patrick and I move EVERYTHING from our dining and living room (included all of the Christmas decorations we had previously put up) and we won't be able to put them back up OR get a tree OR shop for Christmas until all of that is over!  Oi!  But nonetheless, I love Christmas and so here is a Christmas cover for you . . .

One of my favorite Christmas originals by Ms. Mariah Carey . . .

And a cover of that song that you probably have never heard before in your life . . .


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