December 9, 2016

Mission #96, Day 5--Rachel from Friends

Was there anyone more stylish than Rachel on Friends in the 90s?  Not really.  And her style was surprisingly diverse, but always on point.  I decided to copy this look as it seemed the most "Rachel" and "Bloomingdales stylist".  I was never a Friend-aholic, but I did enjoy the show.  It's one of those that you could catch on TV, not be entirely sure of the plot and still enjoy the show.  It's funny.  Pivot!  Personally, I was always a fan of the leather pants episode (sidenote--note Ross' girlfriend's velvet dress . . . and I literally have a nearly identical one . . . from Hot Topic in the 90s).


Houndstooth Skirt-thrifted
Crop Top-thrifted

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