December 5, 2016

Mission #96, Day 1--90s Icons--Daria

December/the holidays are a time for nostalgia.  This year has been the biggest bummer in pretty much all aspects imaginable and this Christmas will be really hard.  I will miss my Grampa.  I will miss my kids, who will be with their dad this year.  It sucks/has sucked/will suck.  But this is no time to hide my head in the sand.  So this week, for nostalgic purposes, I will be reminiscing over some really nonsensical nostalgia by paying tribute to my favorite leading ladies of the 90s.  

We'll start with my "spirit animal" of cartoons, if you will.  Here's a hint (if you haven't guessed by now with the title of the post . . . the outfit . . . etc. . . .)

Sarcastic, hateful of the basic and simple-minded, intelligent, feminist.  She's right up my alley.  And her signature look is more than easy to copy.  


Exhibit A to why I can relate to Daria below . . . why am I a fashion blogger again?  I swear to God I don't belong here . . .


Skirt-really old
Jacket-Lucky, thrifted
Combat Boots-LEI
Bag-Coach, vintage

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