February 10, 2016

Wordy Wednesday--Siblings

Last week our house was plagued with Influenza A.  Reilly got it first, then Conner got it.  In order to stop the spread of the nastiness, Brielle was sent off to her dad's house for the week.  She and Conner have never been away from each other for that long before.  I was sure that she would miss her brothers terribly.  It would be good and fun for her to be an only child at first, sure, but I was sure that as the week wore on, she would grow to appreciate having siblings around to play with and talk to.  So when I talked to her mid-last week, I asked her if she missed her brothers.  She adamantly denied.  But toward the end of our conversation, she asked to speak with Conner.  Breakthrough!  I handed the phone to Conner, who hung up after thirty seconds.  I asked him if his sister told him that she missed him.  "No," he said, "She just wanted to tell me how much she loved being an only child."



Black Pencil Skirt-gifted
Green Sweater-gifted
Nude Tank-Kohls
Fringe Purse-Marshall's
Camel Suede Wedges-Target
Polka Dot Tights-Target
Leopard Print Fedora-Target
Necklace-J. Crew, gifted

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