February 24, 2016

Wordy Wednesday--Dance

My fifteen year old, Kaden, has been going through a really rough time.  He has recently experienced his first real heartbreak and it has been pretty rough.  I'm not going to go into how rough but I will say that it has truly broken my own heart to watch him so devastated.  But after weeks of feeling like he would never be "up" again, he randomly got invited to do his favorite thing in the whole entire world: he got invited to a dance.  He got invited by a girl that he used to go to school with that moved to a teeny tiny town in a different state that we were visiting this weekend.  And he was adorned by ALL.  THE.  LADIES.  And he was himself and confident because he was the out of town kid and, of course, the kid can really dance.  So this Wordy Wednesday is about the absolute magic of DANCE.




Khaki Shirtdress-thrifted
Olive Duster Cardigan-gifted
Cognac Knotted Booties-Charlotte Russe
Plaid Blanket Scarf-Target
Bag-Coach, vintage and gifted

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