December 2, 2015

Wordy Wednesday--Being Present

I love Christmas.  It is my favorite.  And as soon as Thanksgiving is done (like pretty much when I put my plate in the sink)--IT'S ON!!!  It is always hard on Christmases that I don't have all my kids with me.  Every divorced parent can relate--I'm sure--even if it is not Christmas that bums you out when you don't have your kids.  But this year--this year I get to have ALL my kids on Christmas morning.  And Patrick and I have some AMAZING Christmas morning surprises geared up.  And Reilly is a bit older.  And I am even more excited than normal.  This holiday season I plan to be as absolutely present as possible.  And I hope you are too.  So here are some quotes on being present to get you in the mood . . . 

Pale Pink Button Down-gifted
Tweed Blazer-thrifted
Pinstripe Trousers-thrifted
White Heels-Charlotte Russe

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