December 11, 2015

Mission #72, Day 5--Style

This look is the essence, to me, of Taylor Swift looks--cute and preppy.  It doesn't get preppier than knee socks and plaid skirts does it?  And because Taylor is toting her kitty cat in these photos, I decided to incorporate my little buddy.  Everyone meet Ethan Reginald Nathaniel III.  We rescued him a couple of months ago.  He was meant to be a Christmas present for the kids but, long story very short, we ended up welcoming him into our homes well before the holiday.  And I love him to little Reeses Pieces.  This look, this photoshoot and this little guy--my favorite of the week.  And so I will dedicate my favorite Taylor Swift song to it:


BTS Creeper alert--I wore this to take Ethan to the pet store where I was checking out treats for him when some nasty college guy walked by, peeked his head back into the aisle, looked me up and down, nodded and winked, and walked off.  Gross.  

Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted
Knee Socks-unknown
Plaid Skirt-Ross
Sweater-J. Crew, thrifted
Bag-Vera Wang
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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