October 31, 2016

Mission #94, Day 1--Zendaya

I'll admit it--I'm a grown woman obsessed with Zendaya, a teenage celebrity.  My daughter is obsessed with her shows (Shake it Up and KC Undercover) and that is how I became "introduced" to her.  But it was her style, her poise, her fun-loving spirit, and, most of all, her very mature spirit of standing up to very controversial topics such as Black Lives Matter and self body love that really made me appreciate who Zendaya is.  I am very glad that Brielle is looking up to a young lady of this stature.  And thus, Zendaya becomes the star of this Mission Week.


Boyfriend Jeans-H&M
Hot Pink Top-Old Navy
Bomber Jacket-Forever 21
Silver Oxfords-thrifted

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