July 1, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--90s Trends

This weekend is Fourth of July weekend and my cousin, husband and his best friend decided months ago to have a back in the day party to celebrate.  While we are gettin' down on Boones Farm wine and listening to Nirvana, here are some trends that I have not forgotten from the 90s:
 Oh Umbros.  I remember them fondly.  Everyone had a pair.  I wanted one so bad and when my mom bought me a knock off pair in 4th grade, I'm pretty sure I wore them until a hole formed in the right butt cheek.


Was there anything cooler than a shirt that changes colors before your very eyes?  There wasn't in the 90s!  That's for sure!  I wanted a Hypercolor shirt forever.  Again, I was gifted a knock off, but I loved it so much.  Until the dryer stopped it from changing colors.  Thanks for ruining my childhood!


I rocked the ever living out of Jncos.  Like seriously.  And there wasn't really a more UNflattering jean for a growing girl already unimpressed and uncomfortable with her body.  

Anyone who was anyone in middle school had a puffy Starter jacket with their beloved sports teams on them.  Again, I fell for this trend even though I don't know ish about sports.  But mine was something like Looney Tunes or something even lamer.  Oh yeah.  I made the cut.

I honestly think that this was more of an 80s thing but I can tell you that I had a very impressive collection of neon heart shirt clips.  They added that little something extra to every outfit.  #winning


I used to have these denim cut-off shorts that had lace sewn on the hems and plaid boxers sewn in the top to make it look like you were sagging when you weren't.  I seriously think about these shorts more than a healthy amount.  I would legit wear them now.  But there is no denying--the 90s were all about showing your goodies.


Chambray Jumpsuit-Old Navy
Tote-Fossil, thrifted
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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