July 7, 2016

Mission #86, Day 4

This is more of an office-to-cocktails look and that is all thanks to this crazy fun metallic tank that I thrifted after it was laughed at and scoffed by some young, unknowing college girls.  Little did they know it's beauty!  It can revers to half red half green but I have yet to find a way to make that not Christmas-y.  For work, I threw on this blazer given to me by Patrick's grandmother.  I love the floral pattern in black and white.  

The heels are really freaking old.  In fact, they were my first pair of heels ever.  I worked at Circuit City at the time and the $25 price tag on these babies were way too steep for me at the time, so I would spend my lunch breaks going to Target and wear them around the store while I saved all my pennies to get them.  I now realize a very important misstep that I took--NEVER visit Target when your work uniform is also a red polo and khakis.  Danger Will Robinson.  Danger.  

White Bermuda Shorts-thrifted
Metallic Tank-thrifted
Floral Blazer-thrifted
Bangles and Watch-thrifted, gifted, various

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